A hidden paradise in heart of Glamorgan Heritage Coast

A hidden paradise in heart of Glamorgan Heritage Coast

Every home worker, freelance consultant and home business owner needs a weekend break away from their home office. So ... imagine finding a hidden paradise in heart of Glamorgan Heritage Coast.


Imagine waking to the sound of birds. As you open the curtain and invite in the sun, the smell of freshly mowed lawn fills your senses. You step onto the balcony into the crisp morning air and take in the view of woodland, valleys, fields and lakes.  

You’re not in paradise, you’re in Wales. The Vale Resort to be exact - Wales’ highest rated 4* hotel. Just minutes off the M4 and only an hour from Southern Counties and a couple from London.

A hidden paradise in heart of Glamorgan Heritage Coast...

The Vale Hotel offers home business owners a place to relax and unwind

Accessible to the M4, The Vale Resort provides a hoard of activities as well as peace and tranquillity.  

You move away from the view knowing you have all day, all weekend, all week to explore the extensive countryside surrounding Wales’ number 1 resort and one of the UK’s top 10 golf destinations.

   After a bustling breakfast watching the staff of the UK’s best large family friendly hotel (recently awarded by the Hotel Excellence Awards 2010) tend to every kind of family requirement from baby feeding to toddler’s tantrums, your brood is ready to start discovering Wales.

      There are a wide range of kids activities available at The Vale Resort. Your youngsters have to choose between swimming, sports, tennis and children’s clubs. The Resort’s ever-popular Children’s Summer Camps offer days packed with activities from football, face painting and bouncy castles to sumo wrestling and street dance.

   They don’t know it yet, but there are also wonderful family beaches and sightseeing along the rugged coastline of the Glamorgan Heritage Coast and the nearby Brecon Beacon National Park still to come. They also have shopping in Cardiff ... maybe you’ll keep that one to yourself!

The Vale Hotel offers home business owners a place to relax and unwind

   Your exploration takes you around the lake, past the ultra modern training ground of Cardiff Blues and Wales’ Rugby Team, alongside the two perfectly manicured golf courses and eventually back to your family connecting rooms where you release the little monsters into the hands of The Vale’s kids club. 

The Vale Resort is Wales’ highest rated 4* hotel.

   Your other half is on the golf course before you turn around. The world-class, championship golf courses, which has been host to a number of PGA golf tournaments over the years, offer a mixture of mature wooded areas, wide and narrow fairways and vast areas of water features. He has been more excited than the kids to get onto the Lake Course, with water coming into play on 12 of its holes.

  With him gone, you are left with a day of relaxation and recharging your batteries. Your full body massage is just what the doctor ordered, but you deliberated for days over the full hour’s Aromatherapy Massage, aimed at detoxifying, toning and re-vitalising the entire body or the Hot Stone Massage, where a path of warm Basalt Lava Stones are laid on the chakra points to irradiate vibrations of warm energy, dissolving stress in the body and mind. The Lava Stone energetic therapy finally won the debate!

The Vale Spa is a haven of holistic pampering treatments.

The Vale Spa is a haven of holistic pampering treatments.

   Another tough decision should have been between the Micronized Marine Algae Wrap, rich in minerals, vitamins and micro nutrients, to activate circulation, increase metabolism and relieve aches and pains, or the Clarins Detox Wrap, which uses  a blend of mineral-rich White Clay and warmed oils to eliminate impurities leaving your circulation boosted and your skin smoother and softer.

   The decision is simple – you have both, after all, this is a golfer’s paradise and a children’s playground, so why shouldn’t you indulge in pampering yourself?

   Later, much later, you reluctantly return to your room, slip into a deep bath of bubbles and sip on a deep, rich burgundy, waiting for the brood to return from their respective pleasures.

  Then you all head off to the award winning Vale Grill, which child-friendly, allowing the whole family to dine with early sittings and special children’s menus to choose from.

    You start with a bowl overflowing with Muelles Marina in a creamy garlic tang. You had contemplated asking for more, but decided that the succulent Welsh lamb warranted a large portion of your hunger. Your partner tucks into a tender Welsh Black Beef, imaginatively prepared and cooked to perfection, his eyes firmly fixed on the views over the Lake Course.The classic recipes, served at the Vale Grill, are simple and fresh with local ingredients.

   A nearby family’s young people chatter constantly while yours are silent. Only because they’re grazing voraciously through three courses of youngster’s fare. You find yourself wishing they’d eat like this at home. As a Crème Brulee addict, you’re savouring the most glorious Crème Brulee you’ve ever encountered while your other half tucks into his cheese platter and your hand sneaks over to steal a lonely chunk of blue vein.

   With the youngsters tucked up in bed and very possibly sneaking in a movie, you and your other half sample liqueurs in the bar while listening to the pianist serenade late night dinner patrons.

   Later on you slip between crisp sheets and snuggle down ... only to wake to yet another day in paradise ... err, Wales.

 The Vale Resort takes pride in their affordable family breaks.

Why not get your slice of Welsh paradise at The Vale Resort by contacting

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