The Alte Mainmuhle Restaurant Review

The Alte Mainmuhle Restaurant Review


After arriving in Germany from Eurotunnel, we took a nice walk through Wurzburg and truly as their website states, we smelt that gorgeous aroma of freshly baked bread. We followed our noses and landed up at The Alte Mainmuhle.


Alte-Meuhle Restaurant Review
Decisions, decisions ... should we sit in the Schober, where there is the hustle and bustle of evening diners. Or should we go for the balcony overlooking the river? Or the cosy open fireplace in the Kaminstuberl? Or the Loggia right on the bridge where you can spy on the people strolling by? Or even downstairs in the quiet ...

Ok, decision made. Balcony it is. A lovely location overlooking the old bridge and river, over shadowed by a bit of repair work going on but we sat by the river watching some impressively large barge hotels go past.

Alte-Meuhle Restaurant Review
Rustic and elegant all at once, our gourmet meal was excellent and authentic. Tempted by the stew, just as Grandma makes it and fried sausages made to an old family recipe and grilled on the beech-wood oven grill, we definitely had to try the home-made sourdough bread.

I had Pork Shoulder authentic with red cabbage and cooked German style. One of our young business guests the had ‘seven Bratwurst sausage’ selection and for the first time we saw a young man brought to a skidding halt at food time.

The service was very good even though it was very busy with people lingering on the bridge with glasses of wine. We found this good fun and a lovely touch for locals to enjoy the outdoors on the bridge with a glass of wine.

It proved a strong outdoor social after work culture where people meet and drink standing on bridge with drink in hand chatting to colleagues. What more could you want after a long day at work?

Alte-Meuhle Restaurant Review
The Alte Mainmuhle was built as a grain mill by the prince bishops in 1643 in order to provide the city with flour for bread in case of a siege.

Alte-Meuhle Restaurant Review

In later years a hammer-mill was added which was also water-powered. The water thrown up by the mill-wheel was welcome for many reasons. The restaurant was the first of 54 river power stations and in 1999 they cottoned on to the idea of converting the mill, which had been abandoned for years, into a special atmosphere. It took several years but in 2005, they threw open their doors.

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"Overall, the meal was Franconian and hearty with a flair of sophistication.”