2012 Photographer’s Market Review

2012 Photographer’s Market Review

When 2012 Photographer’s Market arrived the postie thumped the door with it … well not literally but it certainly sounded like it when it landed and on looking at it you can see why...


2012 Photographer’s Market looks like a bible and apparently acts like one too – for photographers that is.

Opening this ultimate market research tool gives the photography reader a scratch patch to start a one year free online subscription to www.artistsmarketonline.com to access updated market listings, easy to use searchable database of contacts for selling photographs to help student and freelance photographers to find the right market for their photography work, record keeping tools and professional tips and advice.

The advice doesn’t stop at the online scratch card – the book dives straight in with listings, which feature groups of symbols that appear before each company contact. Scanning the symbols will help to quickly locate markets that meet your photography criteria.

Along with a fully comprehensive list for selling your photographs [more on this in a mo] this photography market-bible advices freelance photographers how to go about selling their work with all sorts of items covered such as copyright, contracts, rights and pay rates. And of course simple things like – how to get organised and where to start – which can be pretty daunting when you see the thumping big bible-book arrive!

It goes on to discuss how to run your freelance photography business explaining various submission procedures, formats, property release, stock lists, charging for your work, self-promotion and even small business taxes.

Before you get near the jam packed market listings [I did say more in a mo, but the mo is yet to come] you’ll stumble upon ways to adapt and sell more of your freelance photography. This meaty chapter dissects selling yourself [as a freelancer photographer that is], building your brand, website and blog bits and bobs and staying focused on customer relationships.

A quick tweet or two about social media what and what-not and then you get ‘breaking away’ and ‘breaking out’ to help tried and tested freelancing photographers to explore new niches. Then some high flying professional photographers share their well-trodden recommendations with informative articles and inspiring interviews.

Phew … now we get to the market!

And what a market it is. Consumer publications, newspapers, trade publications, book publishers, greeting cards, stock photo agencies, advertising, galleries, art fairs, the all-important contests, workshops and finally grants and professional organisations.

I for one never imagined that there was such a huge market for freelancing or student freelance photographers to get their work recognised, marketable and ultimately sold!

My son is a student freelance photographer and this book looks like every photographer’s (either starting out or long in the tooth) perfect toolkit. And as I said earlier, the thumper also includes online access to artistsmarketonline.com to search industry contacts and track submissions.

The only tiny downside to this photography-bible is that only has a small contact section in the market for British Photographers. Hopefully the publishers will see the value in publishing such an excellent guide for photographers this side of the pond. That said, there is no harm in UK freelancers tackling the global market.

Photography is indeed one of those subjects that so easily transcend the geo-location lines on a map and digital photography boosts any start up photographer getting their work into the global arena.

Besides that, the market is easy to search with a geographical index, general index and more importantly a subject index. I would imagine that any photographer would start there, pick their subject passion and start getting their work acknowledged, contracted and sold!

iHubbub Quote:

“Absolutely indispensable for anyone starting out in photography. Must take pride of place on any student photographer or freelance photography business shelf!”



Price: 6
Value: 7
User Friendly: 7