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About Reinier

Hiring me for your automotive and car-repair related content means you hire a colleague, not just another writer. Having owned and self-managed an automobile repair shop for the last 18 years, I am a specialist in the automotive repair and maintenance field with 35 years of practical, hands-on experience in all aspects of automobile repair and maintenance. I can offer you what few freelancers can; automotive repair/maintenance related content that fully answers your needs because it is accurate, original, up-to-date, and delivered on time-everytime.

In addition to the above, I am also an experienced amateur astronomer, which means I can provide you (as I do many other satisfied clients), with high quality, factual, and accurate articles on all aspects of astronomy and its related fields.

Additional services offered:

1.) Top Ten lists on almost any subject. (Adult content excluded)

2.) "Best of..." type articles or lists.

3.) "How to..." guides on car repair.

Services NOT available:

Reviews in any form, shape, or disguise. Paid reviews are against the ToS of most online retailers, so please do not ask me to do reviews.


  • Article about faster-than-light travel.


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