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My cats Peppa & Belle
It's great having Peppa & Belle around especially as I have my office at hom...
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Amber Rooney Fluffy Pie!
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No, he's not my pet but r...
No commute needed when working from home
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Do you need a lift or free rid...
Ok, truth be told, this is NOT my home working pet, but look how cutey-pie the l...
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Bella Bunny helping with my ho...
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Bella the rabbit helping me wo...
Bella likes to help when I am working outside!
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My faithful sidekick: Dog Wond...
Meet Jed the Dog Wonder. Every superhero needs a faithful sidekick and he's mine...
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British Blue Cat
British Blue Pedigree Stud Cat
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Rafa and Pepe taking it easy w...
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My little helper
Sometimes in the life of a home worker it's important to have help...
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Max and me at Royal London.
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A real guard dog stopping any...
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My 6 leafed clover find
Wet dreary walk with the pups this morning was brightened up with my 6 leafed an...
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Vicious Guard Dog Lenny Log
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Thinking outside the box can b...
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Poppy cat!
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Being a dog is thirty work!
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Reggie in the coat that starte...
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Gracie Lacy Puppy Pie!