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Mini Box - Close up
Inside the base is made up of thick card and wadding and has a black faux suede...
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Jubilee Gift Box
Inspired by the celebrations of the Queens Jubilee. I stayed away from the tradi...
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Its a Boy!
Infant Keepsake box range are cute simple and playful. As I sat staring at my la...
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Reiki Singing Bowl
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Duncan & Ruth...founders o...
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Bespoke Butterfly Keepsake Box
Here you see a box in progress at the lid stage. On this design I began with the...
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Wedding Cakes
3 tier stacked butterfly & lace wedding cake
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DecoArt Crafters Acrylic Paint
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Bespoke Blue Leopard
Well c'mon I just couldn't bare any more spots and had to change it up a little...
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love bird wedding cake
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A4 Plaque of fun facts
Image of a framed A4 plaque of fun facts relating to someone's birthday. Facts...
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Etta and her first lamb
Etta and her lamb
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Retro Metro dish
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Bespoke Wedding Ring Box
This design features two rings both set in different sized Swarovski Crystal in...
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Foxy Close up
Swarovski Crystals Close up.
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NEPHRIA Jade Beauty Bar
The Nephria Jade Beauty Bar for cleansing and exfoliating contains pure Jade, wh...
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Big Letter Alphabet Framed Nur...
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Black Bow Bow Jewellery Box
At my first box party,every time someone took a lid off a box they would be surp...
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Peacock Jewellery Box
I remember starting this box and not being sure where it would end up, next time...
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A Name of Grace for PAM who ha...
So today I went to see a friend who has had some health issues, and I took her t...