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Heart Jewellery Box
Very early on I knew that I wanted a two-toned colour, so I used red glitter ble...
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Bespoke Butterfly Keepsake Box
Here you see a box in progress at the lid stage. On this design I began with the...
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This box was one that I decided to really go for it with the Swarovski Crystals....
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Silk Lining Box
Inside silk finish of a Mini Box, the lid is lined in black velour.
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I love Flamingos they always give me that tropical feeling. The base is made up...
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3 eyed b movie cat with flying...
A bizarre 50s b movie alien cat with flying saucers of milk!
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Wedding Gift Box
This box is available in silk lining with the colour of your choice, again just...
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Apple apron
I make aprons for kids and adults that are just a bit different, and wipe-clean,...
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A Name of Grace for PAM who ha...
So today I went to see a friend who has had some health issues, and I took her t...
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Jack Scott's Turkey Title...
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Mystical sea maiden imaginatio...
Painting of a surreal goddess sea cat.
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Tibetan Prayer Flags
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Bespoke Blue Leopard
Well c'mon I just couldn't bare any more spots and had to change it up a little...
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Signature Range - Sabi
This is a popular choice for customers. As the box is a neat not too small and...
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One of my creations !
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Goatsmilk with Poppy Seed
Goatsmilk with Poppy Seed Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Olive Oil, Goatsm...
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Soy Votive Kandles
Soy Votive Kandles
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Goatsmilk, Oatmeal and Honey h...
This is one of the most selling products we have at Berrak, it is loved by all...
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retro telephone bench
this is one of my up cycled furniture projects. A telephone bench given a new li...
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Gluten free Pumpkin Bread
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