PhoneBurner, Inc

Business Services, United States.

Category: Computing

About Phone

Based in Ladera Ranch CA, their team of software engineers, programmers, and sales pros were united in a single mission – help people using the phone as a relationship-building and selling tool, to do it better.

PhoneBurner is a technology company in practice. It’s a people business at heart. That means their dialer doesn’t call numbers at will, frustrate live answerers with abrupt recordings, or subject people to awkward pauses or connection delays. It simply helps salespeople be smarter, fresher, better organized, and more productive on the phone. More connections + Better connections = Superior results.

The PhoneBurner team is positively committed to the users they serve. They strive to engage, support, and connect one-to-one. When a client tells them they love their platform, they want to know how they can make it even better. Their company also believes in making a connection with their local community and the world around them. Their yearly work with organizations like Miracles for Kids and Y-Malawi is some of the best work they do.