Tips for International Business Travel

Tips for International Business Travel

Travelling abroad for work? Take a look at our top tips to help ensure your foreign business trip goes smoothly.

Travelling for business requires a lot more planning than that of a leisurely holiday. Having everything in place for your trip is essential if you want to conduct business while you are there. These tips will help you prepare for any international business trip and perhaps save you from forgetting something that would have a detrimental effect on your trip.

Before Take Off

Researching what you need to enter a country is essential. You can never check if you have your (in date) passport too many times. Some countries require visas on entry so apply for one in good time to avoid any last minute panics or issues at customs.

Prepare for the time change. Jet lag is the last thing you need when attending important meetings. If the time difference is significant, you may want to establish a new routine in the days running up to your trip. Eating and sleeping at the times you would in your new time zone will help you prepare.

Do your research. When travelling to a foreign country, different customs and ways of life are inevitable. Finding out what is the norm in the country you are travelling to will prevent any awkward or embarrassing incidents. You may also want to learn a handful of phrases in the local language such as greetings and questions. Ps and Qs are essential to coming across polite to locals and people you will be working with.

In the Sky

Long-haul flights can be tiring, so keep your blood flowing and energy up by taking time to get up and take a walk. Walking the length of the plane and having a stretch every hour or two can help you avoid circulation issues and pain.

Sleeping on your flight can help prevent you feeling tired on arrival. Invest in a neck supporting pillow, eye mask or earplugs - anything that will help you get to sleep.

Avoid the booze. Despite international trips making you feel like you’re in holiday mode, overdoing it on the booze on your flight may cause you to wake up with a headache or prevent you from getting enough sleep.

On Arrival

Double checking your seat before you exit the plane is essential. No one wants to arrive at their hotel and realise they've left all their notes for a meeting or even their laptop in the magazine holder of seat 12B.

When arriving at your hotel rest after a long haul flight is key and will leave you feeling ready for a day of business. So sit down, have a flick through the channels available on your TV and relax. You may also want to ask the reception desk for a map of the local area and ask them where the best places to go are, they may come in handy when you get lost or if you end up going for dinner with a client.

Make sure you’re aware of any culinary changes within the country you have arrived in. If you’re not sure whether you can drink the tap water then stick to bottled. Getting sick on your trip is the last thing you want.

Coming Home

Just as remembering to bring everything you need on your trip, remembering to bring everything home is a given. The airport process on your journey home can come with a lengthy and tiring immigration and customs process, the last thing anyone wants after a work trip. You may be able to avoid this by speaking to immigration solicitors before you travel. For example, the U.S allows you to apply for Global Entry, speeding up the immigration and customs process.