TajMahalMatchmaking.com commences with a new referral program

TajMahalMatchmaking.com commences with a new referral program


TajMahalMatchmaking.com has commenced a referral program under which enquiries generated through referrals are provided a handsome commission.

July 2, 2016: TajMahalMatchmaking.com has commenced a referral program under which enquiries generated through referrals are provided a handsome commission. The way in which this model functions is very straightforward. Referrals are either individuals or enterprises who resell the services of TajMahalMarchmaking.com through their network of personal and professional contacts. Usually the sale is done through indirect channels and information is passed on by word of mouth. In the matchmaking industry, it is a well known trade secret that rather than adopting a hard sell approach, a subtle approach works better.

As per the CEO of TajMahalMatchmaking.com “The reseller approach is an innovative approach that enables us to leverage on the goodwill and network of individuals and enterprises that have access to people who are successful, established but not yet married. As a business we are unable to make inroads into the hearts and minds of these people, but our resellers are a completely different lot altogether. Through their extensive network, they are able to identify potential people who are searching for life partners but have not been successful in their attempts. It is these people who require just a little prod to sign up as free or paid member on our portal.”

As per experts in the matchmaking industry the referral scheme of TajMahalMatchmaking.com is a relatively new concept that has just started and so only time will tell whether the concept is successful or not but what is certain is that it will certainly leave a mark behind.

The CEO further said "At TajMahalMatchmaking.com our endeavour is to increase the number of our free and paid members and through the referral program we able to achieve just that. We introduced the referral program only last quarter and already our user base has increased by about 7%. Although TajMahalMatchmaking.com has been growing steadily, this increase in the user base is attributed to the referral program that we had introduced. Over the next few months we plan to increase our focus on the referral route and this will no doubt increase our member base still further.

As part of the referral program of TajMahalMatchmaking.com there are a few individuals with contacts in different communities who do extensive amount of networking by reaching out to others with the photographs and bio data of the prospective bride and bridegroom. The families are contacted and information is exchanged over emails and personal visits are arranged between the families so that the bride and bridegroom have a chance to meet each other face to face.

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