Successful Online Business Models That Are Shaping The Mobile App Industry

Successful Online Business Models That Are Shaping The Mobile App Industry


Successful Online Business Models That Are Shaping The Mobile App Industry

Recently the online side of things has impacted many businesses setups, ranging from finance to technology-related ones. One which was quickly tackled by new and creative forms of digital marketing was definitely the mobile app development world, with examples like Uber (and therefore Uber Eats) becoming extremely popular and almost an "industry standard" in regards to car sharing, let's analyse some successful business models which are being used by the mobile app industry as a whole.

Number One: Social Sharing Features

Social engagement is everything for many businesses, especially the ones who are working in the fashion sector and in retail. Mobile apps working in these very sectors have been relying on creating buttons and ways for their users to implicitly connect with their friends via social networks. A massive example? The automatic post on your Facebook wall which will tell your friends how and why you purchased your last item. Social sharing features have been used in apps ranging from finance and investments to restaurant deals.

Number Two: The Usage Of New Technologies

Technologies like machine learning and the usage of particular data have been an extremely big trend in recent industry development. Although the usage of big data has become quite an intricate subject, given the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal, the usage of this technology has become quite normal in apps used every day like Google Maps and Uber, once again. The technological development in the mobile app industry is definitely tangible nowadays and it's definitely very likely to grow in the nearest future.

Number Three: Translating Desktop Tasks To Mobile

The main problem, in regards to the usability of mobile apps, is definitely related to the fact that many times they don't offer the same "quality" of service which their desktop version normally provides. With examples ranging from Amazon to Apple, transparency in translation from desktop to mobile has become the most important feature companies are looking into, in this second half of 2019.

Number Four: Networking Power

Nothing works better than apps which are working together combined for a bigger service. Facebook and the integration with the recently added Instagram and Whatsapp have moved many companies in embracing networking procedures in between their apps like Google did when they launched search-related features in their Google Maps. This will, of course, grow massively in the nearest future.

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