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Ever been to Los Angeles? If not, let me start by saying that it's a strange place: it's supposed to
be a concrete jungle (and to be honest, it actually is) but at the same time every (and I literally
mean EVERY) single house has an incredibly good looking garden. What's the deal then? How
can you design and plan your garden to be fabulous, even if you have a small place? Let's dive
into it in more detail:

Space Is Not A Big Deal If Optimised
Not many have the privilege of having a big garden, but that (in this case) is not a problem:
having a small garden in which every single piece of furniture and every object has its purpose
is far better. The L.A. method teaches us about how important space optimisation is, in terms of
planning. To start off, try not to have more than one single table if you have a small place since
that is the most space-consuming thing you have, regardless.

Furniture Which Tells Who You Are

Every single LA garden, from the smallest to Dj Khaled's, has its own uniqueness and style,
that's why your furniture should flow together with this concept. To start off, unique and
perfectly designed furniture doesn't necessarily mean expensive: cane chairs are cheap and
they look stylish, for example.

Your garden should and will be great at night IF it's decently illuminated. Many, in fact, are the
occasions in which LA bros are throwing parties, soirees and such after the sun has gone. The
approach depends on the overall style you want your garden to have. A glass furniture-based
one, for example, could go really well with some LEDs, especially if they have some fancy

Guess what? Nothing screams out"this is my garden!" like having many different accessories in
it. This could be everything, from an old acoustic guitar to some pictures of you and your
friends/family. Trust me, when it comes to garden design, accessories are a must.
Flowers Following Your Colour Palette
Last but not least, the big part of your garden: your plants. Flowers, in fact, are THE final touch
of style to your environment. For example, if you wanna give your space an oriental touch, you
can add some sakura flowers to it, but of course, their pink palette should act accordingly to the
rest of the space, so be aware of that!