Quest Music Academy to add 5 new music instructors to its team

Quest Music Academy to add 5 new music instructors to its team


Quest Music Academy is all set to add 5 new music instructors to its team of online music instructors.

November 30, 2015: Quest Music Academy is all set to add 5 new music instructors to its team of online music instructors.

Announcing this to a team of journalists in Winnipeg, Canada, the CEO of Quest Music Academy said “In the last 6 months we have received numerous enquiries from residents in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Ontario who are interested in learning music. This phenomenal increase in demand for our services is due to the fact that we have been doing a good job with our music teaching and through word of mouth, news has been spreading to others, and his is turn has led to people calling us and enquiring about our services. I must say that I am more than happy with this piece of news and am looking forward to having the new instructors on board.”

As per music experts teaching music through online courses and with the help of live instructors is a relatively new phenomenon but one that is quickly gathering pace. With the advent of technology and with the easy availability of cutting edge online tools and frameworks it is now relatively easy to set up portals that are built with robust and good software architecture that can support the heavy bandwidth consumed during live music sessions that are conducted with the help of streaming audio and video. The architecture comes under heavy pressure especially when the number of users logging in into the portal from different locations of the world increases.

The CEO of Quest Music Academy further said “IT is not a major concern for us at the moment since we have made sure that our music portal is built on a robust Linux based multi-tier architecture that is developed using open source technologies like Java. Nevertheless, since it is indeed an important matter, we will have an audit of our IT systems conducted over the next few months and based on the recommendations of our IT team, we will see if any updates are required to be done.”

Quest Music Academy will be starting with a new batch of Music courses in January. By that time the set of 5 instructors would have also joined the team and would be ready to start taking up assignments. In a few weeks we would be breaking up for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I am sure that as the New Year begins we will again get busy in our work.


Quest Music Academy is a very renowned and famous music academy located in Winnipeg, Canada. The Music Academy is a division of Quest Musique Limited and has been in operation for more than 25 years. The academy provides specialised music education programs that are individually tailored to the needs of every student. As each individual is unique the academy focuses on understanding the music education needs of every student and ensuring that every student gets the required attention. The academy has a very talented and experienced faculty and set of instructors who can provide one-on-one lessons, group lessons and online teaching through webcam. The academy has a large variety of musical instruments and lessons are provided on any one of the instruments based on the preferences and selection done by the students. The course curriculum is based on the latest trends in the music industry.