New Website Shakes Up the UK’s Private Education Sector

New Website Shakes Up the UK’s Private Education Sector

United Kingdom a newly launched website thinks it has the key to assessing private schools that others in the past have missed.

A new website aimed at parents choosing a private school for their child has been launched. which has created its own unique ratings system for schools is set on ‘shaking up’ the private education sector.

Compared to traditional school ratings systems which usually incorporate examination results and tuition fees, the Educators system is much more holistic. The new score, which is rated on a 10 point scale encompasses exam results, sports facilities, drama/arts facilities and overall grounds at the school. The result is a single number that parents can rely on to judge the overall quality of a school, and not just academic results.

The website has soft-launched assessing schools in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. From all schools graded so far Kilgraston, an all girls school in Perthshire is the highest rates at 9.4 out of 10.

Gareth Spear, spokesperson for the website said “We are very happy with how the initial launch stage has gone. There has been dialogue back and forth between ourselves and several private schools. The result is a system which is robust and a bright future working together to help parents make the best choice possible.”

By autumn 2017 Educators will be fully launched giving the most comprehensive account of independent schools anywhere in the UK.

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