James Galvin from Miinto.ie Discusses How Digital Helps Online Retailing

James Galvin from Miinto.ie Discusses How Digital Helps Online Retailing


James Galvin from Miinto.ie, winner of Retail in the eircom Spider Awards 2012 discusses how digital marketing is important for online retailing.

Miinto.ie, the online collective of fashion stores, has recently won the eircom Spider Awards in 2012 October for providing a competitive online platform for boutiques and consumers to get the best sales and shopping experience in Ireland.

"We allow boutiques and independent businesses to sell their products through our website. By the same take we can offer consumers a unique product range." Explains James Galvin.

Via the website, independent Irish retailers have the opportunity to compete by placing their share online in the fashion business with other UK based competitors that they would be unable to compete against otherwise. Miinto Ireland engages consumers via social media, and digital marketing.

James believes in a constant process of updating combined with a focus on both business owners and those who shop online. "You have to keep optimizing, you have to keep catering to consumer demand, you have to keep up with the times" He says.

See the full interview/presentation on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0krd0x9eMpA

Editor Notes:

Miinto.ie collects boutiques in Ireland, within fashion, clothes, shoes, and accessories, in one space, and provides the opportunity to shop online from actual physical boutiques.

Website: http://www.miinto.ie