It’s Snow Joke Commuting In Adverse Weather

It’s Snow Joke Commuting In Adverse Weather

United Kingdom

While the UK is shivering under a thick blanket of snow it is that time of year again when freelancers who work from home are celebrating the benefits of being home based workers.

As this severe snow storm engulfs much of the UK, freelancers, home based business owners and home workers (with forward thinking employers) are today underpinning the country where their office based counterparts are struggling to get into the workplace, if at all.

For hundreds of years the UK has suffered spells of freezing weather and heavy snowfall, yet most of the time the majority of commuters are hopelessly unprepared for it. Freelancers and home workers have a huge amount of flexibility in their daily commute across the landing in their jim-jams to a warm and comfortable home office. 

Early morning blizzards may mean misery for motorists battling to get to work, but businesses with remote working systems will not have suffered to the same degree as some of their competitors.

iHubbub, the UK’s leading community for homeworkers and freelancers, encourages companies to put measures in place that enable staff to work remotely on a regular basis. After all, the same problem with snow and bad weather occurs annually.

Whilst this should not be too difficult for large corporations, small businesses are still struggling to implement such measures.  It is exactly these businesses that can't afford to lose working hours due to adverse weather conditions. Every company needs business continuity, but for SMEs that are more vulnerable to a loss of revenue even the slightest drop in productivity could be detrimental to their business forecast.

Paula Wynne of iHubbub said, “We live in a world where communication has never been easier. Nearly 85% of UK households now have internet access and I'm sure a large amount of them could work from home for a few days if necessary.”

There are currently around 5.2 million people in the UK who work remotely on a regular basis, some of these are freelancers and others work for companies that recognise the benefits of the flexible working model. A large proportion of small businesses are start-up business entrepreneurs based at home.

Paula added: “Being snow-bound is great fun for home businesses who may enjoy a snowball fight with their kids or take a coffee break shovelling snow, but it’s not good for commuters.”

iHubbub calls for businesses around the UK to have a rethink and let their employees enjoy the benefits of working from home, even if it is just during bad weather. This will certainly bring out the productivity benefits for employers.

And for anyone thinking of starting up a business, flexibility and business mobility should be at the top of their business plan list. Thus a home based business option is the best solution for any wannabe business entrepreneurs.

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