Is A Mummy Makeover the Right Thing For Me To Do After Pregnancy

Is A Mummy Makeover the Right Thing For Me To Do After Pregnancy

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Carrying a baby completely changes your body and after you’ve become a mother, you might be wondering if a mummy makeover is the right choice for you?

Embracing the role of motherhood comes with plenty of changes both physically and mentally. You’ll find most of the changes are welcomed and exciting but there might be a few things you’re unhappy with physically. Carrying a baby completely changes your body and after you’ve become a mother, you might be wondering if a mummy makeover is the right choice for you?

What is a Mummy Makeover?
A mummy makeover is a term used by cosmetic surgeons where multiple surgeries are performed to alter the changes that happen during pregnancy. Often the procedures are performed during one surgery, but depending on the circumstances it can also be multiple operations.

A mummy makeover commonly includes the following:
Breast Augmentation - This procedure helps reshape the breasts which usually includes an enlargement.
Not all augmentations include implants, if you don't want to have bigger breasts, you can discuss reshaping, this can include using the patients own fat to help shape the breast, such as a breast augmentation in Manchester.
Breast Lift - Correct any sagging, nipple drooping and unsymmetrical issues.
Breast Reduction - Reduce the volume of heavy or enlarged breasts. Often breast reductions can help with back problems and mobility.
Abdominoplasty - Also known as a tummy tuck, it removes excess skin and fat while tightening stomach muscles.
Liposuction - Removes excess fat, contour and define different parts of the body
Vaginal Rejuvenation - After childbirth, some women can find discomfort or the feeling of abnormality because the labia skin has stretched or altered. This procedure offers cosmetic improvement to the vagina.

Are You the Right Fit For The Surgery?
During a consultation, a surgeon will see if the procedure is right for you. Ideal candidates for cosmetic surgery need to have good medical and mental health along is a stable weight. It’s worth noting that for a mummy makeover, there are a few more additional considerations to think about:

Are you planning on having more children? While the procedures mentioned above do not affect your ability to have more children, if you plan on having another child you’ll likely lose the results of your surgery. It’s worth considering this as a mummy makeover is a big and expensive commitment.

You can’t be breastfeeding or lactating during or leading up to the procedure. Your hormones change and this causes your breasts to alter in size, so it’s best to wait until you breast size stabilises and your hormones are back to normal before you opted for a breast augmentation or tummy tuck.

When Should You Consider a Mummy Makeover?
Typically, most women should wait between 6 months to a year before they conder having a mummy makeover procedure. The main reason for this is because it’s the average amount of time it takes to shed the excess baby weight and bring your body back to normality.

A Mummy Makeover shouldn’t be the first option you consider. As mentioned, giving your body time to adjust back from pregnancy and childbirth help majorly with weight issues. Naturally dieting and exercise is advised for helping to lose any extra weight you haven't managed to shed. As undergoing these surgeries to come with risks.

Scars - While scars from the surgery will fade slightly over time, they will always be there and for some, seeing a scar where you didn't have them before can be difficult.

Cost - The cost of having multiple procedures can take a big toll on you, so making sure its the right option and you have no plans for more children needs to be considered before this commitment.

Current Health - if you have existing health conditions such as diabetes, you should speak to your doctor before having a consultation for a mummy makeover, as risks can increase.

Are You Ready? - it might be something you want to improve about yourself but remember, a surgery like a mummy makeover is demanding on your body and you won’t be able to work or care for your children fully for at least a couple of weeks.

Smoking - If you are normally a smoker, you’ll need to quit for 6 weeks prior to any cosmetic surgery. Smoking has been linked with increased risk during surgery and it also hinders the healing process post-op.

Realistic Expectations - While a mummy makeover can help restore your figure, it isn’t going to change you back to a time before pregnancy. Stretchmarks, scars and slight differences will still be there, and discussing what you expect is essential for your doctor.

A mummy makeover is a great way to feel better about your body, but it’s not the first choice for everyone. Exercise and dieting are always advised first. However, if you find yourself at a point where the shape you want isn’t coming back, a mummy makeover might help if giving you back your self-confidence and help you love your body again.