How To Get A Pick Me Up When You’re Feeling Tired At Work

How To Get A Pick Me Up When You’re Feeling Tired At Work

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Are you finding that you’re becoming less energised at work as the afternoon wears on? If you're feeling signs of fatigue, here are some handy tips to keep you feeling energised throughout the day.

Are you finding that you’re becoming less energised at work as the afternoon wears on? Perhaps you feel as though your eyelids are beginning to sag and you require something to give you a little boost. If so, don’t resort to getting a sugary snack or a large cup of coffee. The immediate effects of caffeine can initially appear beneficial, but they soon wear off and having you crashing to a slump later in the day. The best way to fight tiredness is through these solutions, to keep your feeling revitalised throughout the day, right up until you go to sleep.

Start The Day Right

They say the most important meal of the day is breakfast and it couldn’t be truer. Eating breakfast in the morning provides your body with the required energy to get you going at the start of your day. It also prevents the signs of fatigue and decreases your chances of feeling hungry. High fibre foods like porridge can help to keep you going longer than a breakfast roll for example, which will be high in fat and increase your chances of feeling sluggish.

Drink Water

One of the common causes of fatigue is your body feeling dehydrated. A great way to overcome the feeling of dehydration is by drinking plenty of water. You don’t necessarily have excessive amounts that the experts suggest, but just have a reasonable amount that’ll allow you to keep hydrated throughout the day. A handy tip is taking a refillable water bottle to work and topping it up now and then.

Health Supplements

If you’re finding that sometimes you’re just so rushed off your feet that you’re unable to incorporate even the most basic tips into your routine, you always have the option of having digestive health supplements throughout the day that can keep you feeling energised. Make sure to only take the recommended amount however and take supplements that you know will be beneficial in improving your tiredness. Vitamin D supplements, in particular, are proven to boost energy.

Have A Snack

Snacking with the right foods throughout the day is a great way to keep your energy up. In particular, snacks high in magnesium such as peanuts and almonds are essential in keeping up your energy levels and circulating cell production. If your body lacks in these vital nutrients it can contribute to your feeling of tiredness.

Absorb Some Sun

Being exposed to Sunlight which has bags of vitamin D can greatly enhance your mood and leave you feeling energised. A nice walk down to the park on a clear, sunny day can affect your emotion in a positive way and encourage better learning. If there’s a case when you’re definitely unable to get out for the way, simply crack open a window or open the blinds so you can get some fresh air and sunlight in.