How Micro Transactions Are Reshaping The Finance World

How Micro Transactions Are Reshaping The Finance World

With video games being the brightest example of the matter, we can easily say that Micro Transactions are definitely something more than just a casual revenue channel. Mobile apps like Fortnite, for example, are reaching around a million dollars p/day, which is an insanely high amount of money for a game that is supposed to be free to play. Let's break down how micro transactions are conquering new ventures, from stock trading to investments.

Investment Apps

Investment apps are probably the brightest example of how big microtransactions are: some of them are actually offering micro investments (ranging from £1 to £5) in order to make the app easier to understand and more competitive on the market (with more potential users).
Microtransactions related to micro investments were able to peak at around $1 billion last year, which is crazy. Can we expect an app that will cover commercial bridging finance in the near future? Probably.

Games, games and more games

As said above, the biggest industry when it comes to microtransactions is related to video games and, in particular, mobile games. Fortnite is just the top of the iceberg, given the fact that microtransactions are the biggest source of income in licensed apps: games that are indeed developed by companies that are not owning the trademark (like Pokemon or Digimon for example) generally are considered "pay to win", following the process in which, in order to get the desired monster, you must buy packs or chests, with a very low success rate.


Subscriptions are another big part of the micro transaction world: it might sound weird to you but Netflix was born following the microtransaction business model, given the fact that, originally, the subscription was below $10 p/month. Netflix CEO thought that, by having a quality service for a cheap price, he would have been able to attract more and more clients to the portal, which, eventually, went as planned.

To Conclude

Micro Transactions are becoming more and more important within the online business, given the fact that they are easy to land and therefore more likely to happen in a faster way. On top of that, the psychological factor (namely because people won't feel the fact that they are spending money, given the small amount) is also another big reason why these are becoming more and more successful.