A Home Business Couple Is For Life … Not Just For Valentine’s Day

A Home Business Couple Is For Life … Not Just For Valentine’s Day

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Millions of people make a huge success out of working together from home, while others fail hopelessly. 

As a home business couple themselves, Founders of iHubbub’s home business network, Ken Sheridan and Paula Wynne wanted to identify the secret ingredient that makes or breaks couples working and living together.

They asked their community members and experts - what is that special mixture? Small Business Coach and Business Psychologist, Georgina Walsh, believes the secret spice is A, B, C. Or as Georgina explains - awareness, boundaries and communication. Being aware of where you are both going with your business venture, awareness of what you do and how it impacts others, how your partner is working alongside you and how you are both feeling. Also, ensure you are fully aware of each other’s strengths, weaknesses and passions. That seems like quite a lot of things to be aware of … and you still need to do the supermarket shop.

While ‘she’ may over-stuff cupboards and ‘he’ doesn’t pick up his socks, being fully aware of each other’s strengths helps running a home based business and ensures the relationship stays alive.

So why is it that some people can do it so well and others fall at the first hurdle?  There are millions of people the world over who make a genuine success of working with other family members. Some experts, such as Genevieve Zawada, suggest that you run it as a proper working relationship, others like Andrew Clover, author of Learn Love In A Week, say quite simply, ‘Praise and Don’t Compare’.

iHubbub was completely intrigued to find the all-essential ingredient into what makes or breaks couples who are living or working together. They discovered the essential formula for a harmonious balance in a working and personal relationship is not one, but a few vital to do’s and a few definite don’ts.

The ‘to do’s’ are setting the foundations and agreeing responsibilities, working on each other’s strengths, respecting each other’s wishes and supporting each other whole heartedly. Talking to each other is a key success indicator, so is discussing what is important to each other. Another significant component of working-and-living relationships is being positive and praising the other for even the smallest goal achieved.

Setting the foundations on solid ground is the first rule of working successfully together, therefore writing and agreeing job responsibilities, with clearly defined roles ensures you are working on your strengths and not putting the other under undue pressure.  

Respecting each other’s wishes and supporting each other whole heartedly, should go without saying, but is more difficult to do at times, when the other person feels that their idea is better. In this case, it is better to either agree to disagree or to come to some middle point.

The don’ts in a working together relationship are ‘don’t criticise, don’t lay blame and don’t compare your partner to anyone else. That just breeds contempt and ill feelings.

iHubbub’s members agreed that many of the experts’ comments worked for their business relationships.

Paula said: “I was astounded to learn that Ken’s old saying of why we’re so compatible and successful in working and living together is because we ‘see the future the same way’ … was the very same advice from many relationship experts and psychologists.”

The experts all advocated that to flourish, a home business couple must share the same vision. So while the world celebrates this special loved up week ahead, Paula says: a home business couple is for life … not just for Valentine ’s Day.

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