Finding the Perfect Place to Start your Small Business Up In

Finding the Perfect Place to Start your Small Business Up In

Northern England

Starting your new business but unsure where to get your first office? See here what you need to consider when planning to find the best place to start your new business adventure in.

When starting a new business it is likely you have been working out of your kitchen for a few months and either it is proving to be an unproductive environment or you need to hire some employees to help expand the business. In this article, there are a few ideas you need to contemplate before choosing a location.

Don’t waste time and disrupt your business

Viewing or selling property can take time and especially when you are starting up it is important to spend your time delivering for customers or clients. For this to happen it is useful to hire a commercial property agent to help you plan and execute a move.

Consider nearby amenities

When you are hiring employees, it is fair to assume that some will need to commute to your new business space. When considering office space, you should, therefore, be considerate of how they might travel. Do you need to offer to park or is there parking available nearby? Can the office be reached by public transport, is there a bus stop or train station within walking distance?

Also worth noting is nearby shops and restaurants. As a small business, it might be too costly for you to offer food in-house. Also, think about where you could meet with prospective clients.

Can you expand

If you were looking to become a medium sized company or grow further it could require you to go through an office move. Doing this regularly would be very disruptive to staff who may want to stay local. It could also affect communications with clients or partners. It is therefore imperative that you plan where you think you will be in the long-term so that your office space has the capability to match your ambition.

Purchase land or lease

If capital is an issue it could be beneficial to start by moving into an office space on a short-term lease. This will also give you the benefit of assessing what you require in a shorter time frame.

Another option is to purchase land that you can build on and develop. This is a big investment but could reap rewards in the long term.

What kind of space do you need

The type of office space you require will depend on the nature of the business. Is your business in retail where you need a shop front that is open to consumers? If this is the case a store on the high street would be ideal. Or are you after a more traditional office space? It might be beneficial to move into a managed property where; facilities, health and safety, and IT equipment, is covered by a specialist company. Finally, if you are a company that requires a lot of space for storage of goods then you will probably require an industrial warehouse.