Don’t Suffer the Empty Nest Syndrome

Don’t Suffer the Empty Nest Syndrome

This October, as many parents face an ‘empty home’ with their teens entering college and university campuses around the UK, author and award-winning Co-Founder of home business network, iHubbub, Paula Wynne encourages them to embrace their ‘empty nest’ with a positive spirit.

When Paula’s own son flew the roost in 2009 she took it upon herself to make the most of her empty nest. Instead of focusing on the sudden loss of a child’s presence she decided to use the ‘time-hole’ to her advantage. She wrote out a list of things she had always wanted to do, but couldn’t while raising her son and revisited her lifelong ambitions to set herself new goals.

One of those dreams was to become an author so she put her plan into action and within months she was commissioned to write her first book, Create A Successful Website. As her first book hit the Amazon bestseller list, Paula’s second book, Pimp My Site, was commissioned by the global leader in non-fiction, Wiley. At the same time as writing her books, Paula and her partner, Ken Sheridan, were working on the concept of their new business venture, iHubbub.

As a small home business starting out when the recession hit the UK, Paula experienced the financial constraints that every start-up entrepreneur and small business, who work on a shoestring, have to juggle.

Instead of waiting to afford the valuable digital marketing resource needed for her business, Paula taught herself everything she could about keywords, search engine optimization and online search marketing, things that would help her website get found before her competitors.

Her many years in corporate and agency PR and marketing paid dividends and boosted her website growth, working in tandem with her new-found skill in SEO. And soon enough, her first business, Remote Employment, climbed Google’s ladder to become No 1 in the world for their keywords. And so she wanted to share this do-it-yourself knowledge with other small business owners in her books.

Through iHubbub, Paula and Ken are determined to help start-up home business entrepreneurs because they have walked in the same shoes. As a home business themselves they know the struggles and keenly feel the challenges on the road to success. Along with several business development tools on their site,, they have planned award programmes where their members can get start-up advice and funding, and they intend to put home business owners on the map.

All of this spawned from their own empty nest.

As a popular keynote speaker Paula is often asked to inspire women who suffer silently in their own empty nest and so, with the mass exodus of college and university students, she encourages parents across the nation to use this time to be motivated to do new things and even start a new hobby or implement a long-wished-for business idea.

Paula said: “I found it very liberating. I used the time to create new ambitions for myself and with determination and positive thinking I have achieved them.”

Now Paula is practicing the same principles to define new objectives for her business to become a global success and she will be cloning her empty nest pattern in exciting new developments iHubbub will soon announce.

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