Avon's 6 million pound mum

Avon's 6 million pound mum

United Kingdom

Gail Reynolds, mum of 3,has gone from rags to riches! Gail started her home Avon business in 2002 and has built up a team with sales of over 6 million pounds.

The £6 Million Pound Mum

By Gail Reynolds 26/09/2011

Local Weymouth author is the The Six Million Pound Mum Gail Reynolds discovered the Direct Selling Industry in 2002 at a time of her life when she was running low on money, choices and prospects. Seeing the opportunity to run a simple business from home and to take charge of her life, she was determined to use this opportunity to provide a better future for her children.

In less than ten years she has grown a home-based business from Zero to turning over Six million pounds a year and helped countless other mums and women worldwide to follow her lead. Now, as one of the top leaders in Avon, she has an enviable lifestyle which includes all the trappings of success. She has achieved all of this by helping others to follow Simple Systems and to build their own businesses, one step at a time.

Her team is now over 2,500 women strong and of course a few good men as well. She has been recognised as the fastest growing sales leader in the UK and her success has been reported in the national press and even on the Jeff Randall show on Sky News. Gail wrote “Mum’s The Word” to inspire mums who wanted to gain financial independence by working from home and be able to spend the maximum time with their family, a subject on which she is an expert.

Along with her husband Brian and their three children, Gail now lives in a £3/4m home with a wonderful sea view overlooking the Dorset coast in Weymouth. Getting the right balance between being a business woman, a wife and a mum is what she now writes about in her “My Mum Say’s...” series. “Any mum and woman can achieve the success I have”, says Gail. “If your reasons are Big enough and your Why’s continue to motivate you, then achieving your success is an absolute possibility.”

Gail is determined to give back and share her knowledge and business experience. To help other mum’s and women worldwide that may find themselves in the position that she was once in, to realise their dreams too. “Mum’s The Word” by Gail Reynolds is published by Filament Publishing at £10 and is available in paperback and on Amazon Kindle. ISBN 978-1-905493-90-6 Full colour. 128 pages. Published September 12th Available from Amazon, good bookshops and