6 of the Fastest Growing Green Jobs for Graduates

6 of the Fastest Growing Green Jobs for Graduates

Following more and more scientists and specialists coming forward to identify that the current systems in place aren't sustainable for the planet, the popularity and demand for green jobs are rising.

The effects of global warming and pollution for the air, land and sea mean that young professionals and graduates want to start careers that have the potential to make a difference. If you’re looking for a career that can help the planet become sustainable in the long term, here are 6 opportunities for the fastest growing jobs that are directly helping the environment.

Water Quality Technicians
As ocean pollution continues to be a problem, this industry is seeking creative solutions from people who want to help save the ocean and sea life. The career path isn’t just specific to the ocean either, water quality technicians are responsible for testing and monitoring sewage, waste water and treating water so it is safe to use. There are plenty of areas to work towards and the industry has a current demand for graduates.

Clean Car Engineers
Cars are responsible for 75% of carbon monoxide pollution in the USA, and this issue can be addressed with advancements from the Clean Car Industry. Designing and manufacturing electric cars is essential for the future of the planet and as regulations will hopefully be put in place soon to push the requirement for electric cars, the need for clean car engineers will also be needed. It’s never going to be an overnight change for the motor industry, but creating more cars for every driver will help the planet become greener.

Everyone knows that landfills aren’t sustainable for the planet and recycling centres are growing all over the world. This industry needs people looking for careers at most levels. From researchers finding new ways to recycle more materials to labourers working on the ground to help the centres operate smoothly, there are plenty of roles to fill for graduates.

Solar Energy Technicians
Germany currently has 40,000 solar workers creating alternative free energy for homes all around the world. Though it may seem like solar energy has been around for many years, it still isn’t being used to its fullest potential, and the need for more scientist, labourers and office careers are essential to help this sector grow. It’s an industry that isn’t growing as fast as expected but as fossil fuels are becoming a thing of the past, the demand for solar energy is increasing.

Green Design Professionals
Sustainable architecture and green design is a great opportunity for young professionals with an interest in the future and creativity. Green design is an approach to building and creating that minimises the negative impacts on the environment. The idea is to safeguard air, water and earth while designing a clients needs, this is currently a high demand career path as most businesses want to consider the best approach for there actions, as negative impacts tend to give a company a bad reputation to consumers.

Wind Energy Workers
For companies such as Eversmart Energy, this career choice is essential for offering reusable energy in the long term. More and more people are turning to renewable sources for there energy providers and with more demand, the need for more wind energy workers is required. The current goal is to have one-third of the globe's energy produced by wind in order to create a greener future and abolish the need for fossil fuel.

this is just 6 of many careers that have the objective to make the world a better and more sustainable place to live. Whether you're going into the sustainable sector for air, animals, people or plants, having a green career is something you can do for many years.