Remote or Home Worker.

About Mark

I am a Senior Technical Consultant currently working for a professional computer service in North Manchester. I have military clearance due to the most part of our work being found within the MOD. Our civilian clients are supported with bespoke servers custom built and configured for their operation. Recently I've been spending most time writing internal systems (.Net based) for our larger clients.

Due to some contracts coming to an end I now have 2 days a week free and would very much like to fill this gap.

From leaving School ( I'm now 44) I've worked in IT service desks, originally in support roles but then progressed to COBOL programming for the Pharmaceutical Industry. Over the years this has migrated to .NET on custom hardware within network solutions that I have designed and implemented with my Team.

Personal interests include Helicopter Flying, and I am a world record holder for one event in this field.