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London, a new and revolutionary online art enterprise has launched this month and hired public relations firm PHA Media to help raise awareness of their business which will provide a unique and much needed additional way for galleries to trade with each other.
United Kingdom
As International Networking Week®, (6-10 February 2012) draws to a close, home business networking momentum will continue online with the launch of a new social fun and friendly network. iHubbub is a community for home business start-ups and freelancers as well as remote, virtual and home workers.
Our much-anticipated book, Expat Teens Talk, is now available on and This book is a resource BY teens FOR teens that provides support, advice, and solutions from the "voices" of the three groups of people that are most important and influential in the life of an Expat Teenager: their fellow Expat Peers, Expat Parents, and Expat Professionals.
United Kingdom
In February 2009 the UK ground to a standstill, with the heaviest snow for 18 years causing cancellation of buses, trains and airport closures. People working from home kept businesses open and fully operational despite the appalling weather. iHubbub, the new community for home business, makes a national call to encourage more industries to implement home based working.
United Kingdom
The SEO competition is currently underway and ends January, 30th. The first prize is one SEO PowerSuite Enterprise license worth €599, the second is SEO PowerSuite Professional (€249 value).
Pimp My Site is a highly visual guide to show small businesses how to market themselves online through optimisation, search marketing, promotion, and social media.
United Kingdom
Liz Beavan, originally from South Milford between Leeds and York in Yorkshire recently joined iHubbub, to develop and grow her new business, Photo Fairy Designs so that she could meet other start ups, home businesses and freelancers via iHubbub’ social networking tools and to grow her new business with their helpful resources.
People everywhere can now rely on the 12N app to translate numbers and currencies from their iPhone, iPad or Android to practice writing, hearing, understanding and speaking numbers from 1 to 999,999,999 in 120 languages.
United States
A new book, "Rasputin and The Jews: A Reversal of History", tells how Rasputin was vilified by the anti-Semitic Russian aristocracy for his aid to the oppressed Jews of tsarist Russia.
United Kingdom
Overcoming Imposter Syndrome by Elizabeth Harrin shares 10 strategies for stopping feeling like a fraud at work.