Project Manager/Coordinator - Swedish/English

Remote or Home Worker, Czech Republic.

Contact Mats for:
  • Event organisation
  • Project Administration
  • Project Coordination
  • project management

About Mats

I’m 37 years old and I´m currently working as an independent consultant for Appen Butler Hill.

I see myself as driven, flexible, analytical, creative and with an entrepreneurial nature. I find it easy to grasp the large picture in a project and my strengths are to organize, plan and to communicate with people from different branches and across the organization.
I’ve worked in several different companies and industries and in large international projects that has given me a wide span of experiences. I’m good at improving work processes and coming up with new ideas.


• 10+ years of experience working in coordinating roles with customers in several different branches
• Started up and coordinated the travel & expenditure-department in a shared service center in Prague and performed numerous migrations across Europe
• 4,5 years international experience with a high level of business English and experience working in international projects with people from different countries and cultures
• Worked in the mobilize phase as project manager in an complex AD modernization project between HP and Ericsson
• Performed migrations for ADP / IKEA Head office when IKEA changed to ADP´s payroll solution
• Performed demonstrations/sales at fairs all over Sweden
• 3 courses in project management, sales, marketing, statistics and with an exam in event management with the highest grades.
• 10+ years organizing large events/concerts in several different cities

Best regards,

Mats Ridderström