Mark Robb

Portait Artist for hire

Freelancer, United Kingdom.

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Category: Arts And Crafts

About mark

Hi my name is Mark I live in Keighley, West yorks. Supplementing my income painting portraits. Attached a few paintings of hollywood stars so you can get a feel of my work. I am not famous so I am still quite cheap! Drop me a line if you like the style of my work. I can work in acrylic, pastel or charcoal.I can work from life or photographs, though if you want me to work from life you will have to live locally.
There is a lot more of my work on where it can be bought as framed prints. Will be adding more examples of my paintings in time...


  • portrait painting - mick in the cricketers
  • an advert!!!
  • portraits painted - Ingrid Bergman




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