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Marijuana Care Clinic, patients are able to complete all registration forms online through our HIPPA compliant, secure patient portal using your computer, tablet, or smartphone. This will allow your visit with one of our state licensed Marijuana Care Clinic physicians to be stress free, allowing you to focus on how Orlando medical marijuana may help in the treatment of your condition. At your visit, one of our state licensed medical marijuana physicians will evaluate your medical history and perform a full physical exam. All Patients in the state of Florida are required to have been previously diagnosed with a debilitating medical condition in order to qualify for a medical marijuana recommendation.

If one of our physicians determines your condition qualifies for a medical marijuana recommendation under the Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative, you will be immediately registered into the Medical Marijuana Use Registry. This will give you instant access to medical marijuana at any state licensed dispensary (many dispensaries also offer a delivery service if there is not one close to your area). You will also be eligible to receive an official registration card from the Medical Marijuana Use Registry but it is not necessary that you receive this card prior to obtaining medication at a state licensed dispensary.

Schedule an appointment with one of our state licensed physicians at Marijuana Care Clinic and start enjoying the many health benefits of Medical Marijuana. Patients are personally examined by a doctor, like ours at Marijuana Care Clinic, who is certified to prescribe medical marijuana, and be diagnosed with one of the qualifying conditions. The doctor determines that you have a qualifying condition, and that the potential benefits of taking medical marijuana outweigh the risks. The doctor then registers you in the Medical Marijuana Use Registry so that you can receive a medical marijuana card.

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