Taking A Home Working Coffee Break

All of us home business owners enjoy a good cuppa during our home working day. Be it as coffee, tea or hot choccie, having the right kit to hand makes our coffee breaks more enjoyable.

Many home business owners can easily be glued to their home offices and they become part of the desk potato nation. So, to help them get up off their seats and take that well earned coffee break, we went in search of the best mugs and kettles ... and had some fun.

Check out our home working mugs!

And we found a great kettle and espresso machine for you ...

home working coffee break


Ebony Kettle

This matt black kettle has a push-button, easy-open lid, 1.6 litre capacity, a removable washable filter and 360 degree base with cord storage.

The kettle is a Specialbuy product in stores nationwide from 8th May, available while stocks last

The black kettle with a stainless steel base for extra protection around the vital heating area gives a rapid boil for anyone in a dash to get into the garden for their coffee break.

It has a 1.6 litre capacity with a push button easy to open lid and removable washable filter.
The kettle spins on a 360 degree base which helps you to access it either left or right handed.
ebony kettle for home working coffee break
A helpful feature on the side shows the cup measurements so as you pour you can decide to fill the tank to how many cups you need.

I love the way it lights up blue as it heats. Something often not thought about in a kittle is the pouring snout. Most kettles have a pointed snout but this Russell Hobbs Ebony Kettle
kettle has a rounded pouring area. Now, men will probably say 'so what?' The rounded spout is designed to prevent splash back and also adds to the sleek design.

As a regular home working coffee drinker, I'm often at the kettle finding myself pouring the next rounds of tea, coffee or hot choccie for the iHubbub team and I've found this rounded snout a great feature.

The Ebony Kettle costs £17.99, each a bargain when you think that the big supermarkets sell cheap and not so cheerful kettles at the same price!

This kettle is a Special Buy available from 8th May, in all Aldi stores nationwide while stocks last. Hurry and get this great great for your home working coffee break!

Espresso Coffee Machine

If you need a hard caffeine kick and a simple kettle doesn't do it for you, try the 3 in 1 Espresso Coffee Machine.
espresso coffee machine
It's suitable for Nespresso coffee pods, coffee bags and loose coffee, giving you the perfect cup everytime.

It has a Thermoblock fast heating system to ensure precise temperature and instant steam.

The 1.25 litre detachable transparent water tank allows you to keep an eye on what's happening while you buzz around the kitchen during your home working coffee break. The coffee machine has a high pressure frothing function to make cappuccino.

The Espresso Coffee Machine costs £49.99 and is a Specialbuy product in all Aldi stores nationwide from 8th May, available while stocks last

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