How To Host A Website

Some business start-ups and home businesses will host their own site but for many it's more cost-effective, in time and money, to have it hosted professionally. 

Paula Wynne, author of Create A Successful Website has some expert advice on how to host a website.

How to host a website business advice for start up online business owners


If you haven't already seen the articles on domains, it might be a good idea to read those in iHubub's How To section first. 

It seems natural to talk about hosting right after domains, as you would naturally buy a domain and hosting together or you would find a company to host your domain.

However, you may be able to get hosting included in a free website package and a pay monthly website. And, of course, your developer can arrange this for you too.

Once you have established what kind of site you are going to have you can tackle hosting. Before signing up to the first provider that comes along, add these questions to your research list as you will need to find either the best deal or the best support package.

Hosting Questions

  • How much web space will you need to store even the most basic website? Remote Employment has thousands of pages and a site of this size could be costly.
  • Remember your future plans and how successful your site could become. What will you need in the coming months and years?
  • Will your site require video, podcasts and other multimedia applications? If so, check that the hosting provider can supply this.
  • Will you need support? If something goes wrong does it matter to you whether your provider is UK or overseas based? Even though our first developer was only a few miles down the road, our site toppled over once and we couldn’t get hold of him to sort it out on a Sunday. These things happen!
  • Will you need email pop boxes?
  • Will you need regular back up?
  • Will members be uploading content? Are there uploading restrictions?

Hosting fees can be high, and they are normally paid for in advance, so do shop around.

Before you dash out there and start-up your home business, take a look at our articles on how to name your business website, how to select domains and find lots of business start-up advice in our How To section.

Award-winning entrepreneur of social networking site, iHubbub, and author of ‘Create A Successful Website’ and Pimp My Site, Paula Wynne is co-founder of iHubbub, a home business social community.

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