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We all know the benefits that home office plants bring to your working environment, but if you fancy a change (and some yummy food and drinks as well!), here's another great idea.

The Fresh Herb Company suggests that if you’re looking to jazz up your home office window sill, consider buying a few pots of herbs – they smell, look and taste great!

The Fresh Herb Company suggests that if you’re looking to jazz up your home office window sill, consider buying a few pots of herbs

They are so easy to keep and healthy too, herbs get a HUGE thumbs up for growing on our home office windowsill.

Here's what to do ...

  • Fresh herbs offer hundreds of healthy ways to season and add flavour to food
  • Caring for living herbs is really easy – check their tips www.freshlivingherbs.co.uk
  • The most important things to remember when keeping living herbs is to keep them somewhere light, make sure they have drainage holes and don’t over water them!
  • It’s really convenient to keep pots of living herbs at home. You can throw a few leaves into salads, on top of soups, or mixed through warm couscous to add flavour, easily and healthily, to office lunches
  • Fresh mint is great as you can make your own fresh mint tea to keep you revived in the afternoons
  • Try adding parsley leaves to salads – it’s far too tasty to simply be a garnish!
  • If you like to have soup for lunch then use both the stems and the leaves of coriander to flavour carrot or squash soup
  • Cut a few sprigs of rosemary from a pot on the window sill and throw in with some vegetables and olive oil and roast for 20-30 mins. Enjoy with mozzarella on crusty bread
  • Chives are really easy to keep at home, and you can just snip a few leaves off and cut them up to add to omelettes, or roasted tomatoes for a twist on classic bruscetta
  • Basil is a lovely pot to keep at home (my personal favourite), it smells delicious and the leaves can easily be thrown into both sweet and savoury dishes. Try fruit salad with basil, or crush with garlic, lemon juice, and olive oil for a tasty salad dressing
  • During the run up to Christmas, pots of living sage will be available for two weeks in Waitrose (from 10th December), Tesco and M&S (from 17th December).
  • Sage is an aromatic herb which is perfect for throwing into risottos, stews or try making sage pesto.
  • If you have a slow cooker, you can add fresh sage with your other ingredients and leave it to cook while you get on with working in your home office, you’ll then have a tasty and delicious meal for dinner later on! 


Bet you feel hungry now, don't you? I can hear my own tummy grumbling!

Pop on over to our Food and Drink section and get even more inspiration for home working edible treats!


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