Briefing A Web Developer

Now that you've ploughed through our advice about setting up your own website when your new business start up is off the ground and you're a bright new shiny entrepreneur ... you'll need to find out about briefing a web developer.

Wait! What does that mean? Simply put, it means you'll need a web development plan of some sort or the other. This may be in Word Doc format or just scribbles ... okay, maybe not.

However, you decide to plan your website and its navigation, you will need to get cracking on telling or briefing your choosen web developer on what they need to do to help you set up your website.

A web developer’s job is to come up with a specific website result that works for both of you, so it is important your brief outlines as much detail as possible. First, find all that you need to ask a developer.

How to brief a web developer when starting up a new business
During the web development plan of your business start up venture, you will want to agree some initial stages with your web developers. Most agencies will work along similar lines as these:

•    CONCEPT – Their graphic designer will look at design concepts and ideas.
•    SPEC – You will choose which design and final navigation gets developed.
•    DESIGN – We had a first draft and made only a few changes before the final draft.
•    IMPLEMENTATION – The build of your site before it goes live normally involves the techie bits, but you should be active in watching it evolve the way you have planned.
•    DEVELOPMENT – This may need lots of tweaking and experimentation to get it right.
•    TESTING - Your site will be on a development server so only you can see it and start to review and test every aspect.
•    SIGN OFF – After testing they will require you to sign off the final version prior to making it publicly available.

Remember your goals and apply the same principle to your objectives with your developer. Ensure that they understand what you aim to achieve with your new site in the web development brief and how quickly you want to achieve this.

You are starting a new business. Be Specific, ensure it is Measurable, how easily will it be Achieved, what Results you expect and when you anticipate them in exact Timings.

Have an idea of finances in mind. Don’t ask what it will cost; instead explore what you can get for your budget.

Quoting is a tough task, as a developer rarely knows how complex the project really is.

If you simply say, “I have £X in mind to spend on a website, what will that get me?” a trustworthy developer can quickly calculate how many hours work that buys you, and break it down into specific parts of the design process.

So don’t be scared of starting with a small budget, then adding more and more features as the site evolves. Make sure you can add to your site at a later date and if so, how much the changes would cost.

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