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About rob

I run a small home based business with my good friend, business partner and wife Jo Fuller who is a qualified holistic therapist specialising in Reiki treatments and training as well as Baby Yoga and Baby Massage classes.

Here is a little bit about ourselves and our family business.

Many people have asked us; "what made you decide upon such an unusual name for your business?"
We proudly tell them how it came about after trying to decide on a name for our baby girl.
We wanted to give her a name that was unique, original and pretty. Like many parents, we also wanted something that was connected or affiliated with a personal interest or experience, be it a favourite flower or celebrity!

As we are both fascinated by Native American history, art and culture we began researching the translations of traditional Native Indian names and tribes. After much deliberation we decided upon the name 'Leoti' - which we both agreed sounded pretty and was certainly unique.

'Leoti' is a tiny arrid City (approx population of 1,538) situated in Wichita County, Kansas USA, It is somewhat of a mystery and ongoing dispute as to the town's origins. Some say it was originally a Cherokee settlement before the great Civil War. Others say it was simply named after the daughter (Leoti Gray) of one of its founders. What we do know is that it was a name given to Cherokee boys and girls and the Native American translation of 'Leoti' is 'Meadow Flower' or 'Flower of the Prairie' which we thought would be a unique and beautiful name for our small family business.

Focussing on YOU

As a family run, family orientated business we enjoy working closely with our customers and clients.
Our focus is on good, friendly service and positive peace of mind.

There are many aspects to our business which are closely linked; We run a therapies service, offering professional Reiki treatments in the Wiltshire area. We are consultants and suppliers of doTERRA™ 100% natural essential oils and from our home studio we design & print our own range of tshirts for all the family as well as A4 & A3 sized Wall Art, perfect for any room or office. We also offer lots of other great gift ideas available for all seasons, for all ocassions.

Our goal is to promote the themes of happiness, fun, wellbeing and positivity.
So check out our unique apparel and gifts featuring positively charged, original designs.
Buy a loved one a message in a bottle which includes a printed scroll filled with beautiful, positive quotes, affirmations and messages.

We are always available for a friendly chat about our products and services if you have any queries. Please see our profiles to the left of the page to learn a little more about us and we look forward to hearing from you soon!


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