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About Soraya

La Costa LLC is a proven, successful retail partner with select luxury resort and spa boutiques across America and Caribbean. Offering beautifully handcrafted necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets using modern mixed metals: 18K gold, sterling silver, and black rhodium. Celebrating color, texture and Perfect Imperfections found in
Natural Gemstones.

Four collections offer a wide variety of styles for vast audience appeal. Designs transcend Casual to Elegant, Day to Evening, and Modern to Classic.

Adjustable and Versatile for easy fit and wear, perfect for most sizes and ages. The woman who wears La Costa jewelry has a fresh interpretation of the glamorous style. She appreciates the natural beauty of marrying rugged gemstones with illuminating crystals for a decidedly bold statement. La Costa also brings beauty to the world through its support of many philanthropic events and charities.



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