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About Krishna

“Krishna” is the leading shot blasting machine manufacturers in India offers the complete automatic shot blasting machine with the R&D (Research & Development). Our team of experts mainly brings you a customized machines for efficiently increasing the result. We have the highest quality techniques that are well versed in handling everything from the design, planning, implementation, and many others. Based on the complete understanding of prerequisite of customers along with other essential condition, we design the complete system accordingly in more uniqueness.

Our team aims in offering the complete stimulated with building a high extensive relationship with the new technology and especially the "KRISHNA SHOT BLAST". Our uniqueness in design and the compact sizes of machine-made completely result-oriented to the maximum. We invite you to easily browse our site for learning more about our products and services uniquely. We are the best shot blasting machine manufacturers in Jodhpur having years of experience in the field for ensuring to give the best solution.


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