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I have worked in the sporting goods industry (Paintball) my entire adult life as a sales representative. Most of my life I believed I had the career of my dreams, I was a model employee, and truly sacrificed my own freedom for the good and growth of the company I represented. In 2006 our privately owned business sold to a corporate billion dollar hedge firm. The purchase of our business was one of two by the hedge firm, they also purchased at the exact same time our largest competitor and merged our two companies together. At this time our two companies were the top two companies in our industry, we had the exact opposite business philosophies, and had a built up hate for each other from the years of tough competition.

The next five years of my career were definitely the most stressful of my working life, but I am happy to have went through it. After the merge in 2006 we immediately had two jobs for every one position, so it was literally the survival of the fittest and if you didn't perform you were gone. My education through this time period is truly priceless.

In 2010 is when I received my largest life lesson to date. The CEO of our new company was the CEO of the company I had worked for for the previous 5 years. He was a mentor to me and we worked in the same office, our offices were literally steps away from each others. I came into work on a Monday morning to receive an email from our HR office saying our CEO has been let go from the company and so and so is now the new CEO. To me he was like the owner of the company and it was impossible for him to be replaced, we never even saw it coming.

Our new CEO was located in Arkansas, previously we were in Chicago (my hometown). Immediately our Chicago office was close down and most lost their jobs just like in 2006, but I was offered to keep my job only if I moved.

This is when everything hit me literally harder than anything has hit me in my life. I have devoted my life to this company, moving to me was not an option because my nephew who was 4 at the time was diagnosed with Epilepsy and Autism. My sister is a single mother and my nephew truly looks to me like a hero and needs me in his life. Being told I had to leave him to keep my job crushed me, I never was torn harder. It was 2011, it was not a good time to be unemployed, and I will be honest, I do make a decent living so replacing my income is not easy.

This is the point of my life I realized I have absolutely zero control of my life. To say I was upset and disappointed in myself would be an understatement. I have worked hard and never been fired my entire life, but now realized how off my priorities and goals have been.

I had to move, I received a nice relocation bonus to do so. But I made a commitment to my nephew and family to return once a month until I am able to move back and also told myself I would fix this situation and take control of my life. I have been reading, taking online classes, and learning as much as humanly possible since that day so I never have to work for a company again and I can work for myself full time.

Recently I found the Empower Network. I am 100% positive I found this company because it is exactly the company that I need to accomplish my first and most important goal. In my entire life I have never been apart of such an amazing community that helps you succeed, lift your spirits, and achieve your personal goals no matter what they are.

Also what's extremely important about this is this company works FAST! If you are like me you can't wait for years to start making decent money, we have bills to pay today! The Empower Network has a step by step plan that teaches you how to get literally instant results, if you can following a map and instructions than I promise you this is for you.

I want you on my team, this is my story and I am living it right now. I am as real as they come and promise you with all my heart that I will help you accomplish your dreams too if you are on my team. We need to stop working so hard to make someone else ridiculously wealthy, this wealth gap is insane and we can change that. If you want to actually live your dream and not just dream it, please contact me. I give my personal cell phone so you know how serious I am. This is my life, most importantly this is my nephews life who needs me, and I am getting back to him.

Thank you so much and talk to you soon.
Kevin Mahoney


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