Who Does Kaspersky Help?

When you start up a new business or branch out as a freelance consultant or self employed contractor, you will need to ensure you have the most powerful IT security to protect youriHubbub has partnered with Kaspersky to looks after your internet security - in your home, your home office, your small business start up and your freelance consultancy. business.

iHubbub has partnered with Kaspersky to looks after your internet security - in your home, your home office, your small business start up and your freelance consultancy. 

Advice To Keep Your Home Business Secure

Read articles and tips on how to keep your home business safe from internet threats.

Save 50% On Kaspersky Lab Products

iHubbub has teamed up with Kaspersky to bring you a range of the award-winning products you see on this page to save a massive 50% against RRP! Take a look at their internet security software range.


Kaspersky One

  Kaspersky ONE Universal Security is the easy, one-licence solution to protect your PCs, Macs, Android smartphones and Android tablets

Kaspersky ONE Universal Security is easy to install with a one-licence internet security protection for your home office PC, your freelancing Mac, your start up business Android smartphones and mobile working Android tablet.

* Optimised mobile security
* Real-time protection against dangerous internet threats and viruses.
* Online business or personal banking and shopping safety


Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 | PC Protection Software

When running your own business it’s vital to have a security solution that rigorously protects your files and your identity from cyber criminals and the latest malware attacks.

* Photos, music, documents and personal information are precious
* No endless hours configuring and constantly maintaining a PC security solution
* Safe from the increasingly complex internet threats.


Kaspersky Mobile And Tablet Security

Kaspersky Mobile Security

Kaspersky Mobile Security | Smartphone ProtectionDo you use your smartphone or tablet to bank, shop, surf the web or chat with friends? Have you got mobile security on your phone? Most freelancers and home based business owners don't even think of this when they are juggling all the tasks of a new business.

You need protect your smart phone or mobile device against the increasingly complex malware and security threats that are targeting smartphones.

Kaspersky Mobile Security includes features to help protect your private data … and even find your phone if it’s lost or stolen.

* Locks your lost or stolen phone, locates it, wipes data from it - even if the SIM card is replaced
Protects against viruses, spyware, Trojans, worms, bots and more
Blocks dangerous and phishing websites
Filters unwanted calls and SMS texts
Hides private communications – including contacts, calls, SMS texts and logs
Identifies unauthorized users of your smartphone by secretly taking their “mugshot” (only for Android)
Enables easy, web-based control of anti-theft features
Optimised for low impact on battery life


Kaspersky Mac Security

Kaspersky Tablet Security | Tablet Antivirus Protection

Malware doesn’t just affect PCs.

Every day there is an increase in the volume of malicious code and internet threats that could harm your Mac and personal data.

Kaspersky Security for Mac can keep your Mac and your data safe.

Plus it can prevent your Mac from passing PC malware to family, friends and colleagues on your network.