The Pros And Cons Of Business Cards

As a start up business, you'll need to decide if you're going to create your own professional business cards or spend money to get some designed and printed or even customised. What's the big deal with business cards anyway?

To use or not to use a printed Business Card, that is the question we face nowadays.  Why does this question arise? We live in a digital age where everything is online. 

Your profile on a social media site is an online (and maybe a tad more descriptive) business card. If you blog you are already interacting with other people. You can even download apps on your mobile phone and share a digital version of the business card with your peers.

So what do all these online gadgets, softwares and sites lack? I would say human interaction. You may add up a thousand different executives online, but there are a thousand other people with the same qualifications and experiences adding up the same people. start up business cards

At times a smartly written email might catch their attention, but chances of that happening are all dependent on luck.

These company high ups never met you individually and so simply don’t know what sets you apart and seriously you think they would take time out of their busy schedules to sort through hundreds of profiles.

Smart phones access is only for about 30% of the population currently according to stats. Does this mean that only a select few should decide the networking capabilities of the rest of the 70% population? In the same vein the market still prefers printed business cards over digital ones and will take some time to turn over.

Blogging may be famous, but only a few likeminded people will read, like, share your blogs.


Should You Spend Money On Business Cards?

So do you spend some money and get business cards printed?

I believe that you should. Ignore those boring business cards (rectangular) where the text and the font and the colors are all just ‘banal’. Yes those are the reasons that your business card would get stacked or see the trash bin a lot sooner than you might want. Design one innovatively and yes it will catch someone’s eye. You can even check the web or read up on innovative business cards or business cards of famous people etc. The most important thing to keep in mind while designing a business card is: It may contain all your information but it isn’t about you, it is about the customer. 

Second reason is the human context. When you meet someone new, you create an impression in the first 30 seconds or so and that’s what showcases your individuality (You are the person who they met not some random online profile). Giving a business card or doing some sort of sticker deals is an extension of that meeting – it also acts as a brand ambassador for your product or venture.

You can pick out a business card from your drawer anytime; you do not need to be online, nor have a fully charged mobile etc.

It is easier to distribute business cards in a crowd. How many people would you send a text to at a seminar or a fair? How many would use the same social media website that you do? The best way would be to say hello with a few pleasantries and exchange business cards.

Christie Johann is a creative writer at  An expert in creating marketing slogans she has worked outnumbered of advertising companies helping in launching new products right off the rack. Her expert insights and advice including excerpts from her personal life make her articles worth a read.