Start A Business Using Your Language Mastery

You may not realize it but your facility with language is a large determinant of your business success.  Those that possess the greatest facility with language write better blog posts, are better sales people and can even get paid for speaking. 

If you have not always felt that your language skills were in the top 10%, there is some work you can do:

  • Expand your vocabulary.  You can find many books that help you learn 10 new words each week.
  • Do crossword puzzles
  • Join a local Toastmasters group to master your speaking skills
  • Take a writing course or copy writing course (many exist as home study courses)
  • Read a book a week

Interestingly, the big differentiator between humans and other animals is the use of language. 

And the mastery of language is also the big differentiator of the most successful people in society.

Know what Really Generates Money

It's easy to forget what activities earn you money and fall into the rut of going through the motions of your selected business.

Every day you must ask yourself, “what services or goods can I deliver that will be of value to people, people who have the ability and incentive to pay?”  Money comes from filling the desires of others and if you cannot clearly answer how you work activities fill desires, then you best change your business.  How do you know what people desire?Make money in your retirement

There are a few ways to know what services or goods people will pay for:

1.    Ask them.  Ask some business owners, "What are the major challenges in your business?"  You can ask the guy that owns the pizza joint you frequent or your cleaners or people you know who own businesses. Then follow up, "How come you have not been able to address that challenge?" This will give you insight into unfilled "holes" or opportunities to profit. Or check forums for business owners and look at the topics that get the most views.

2.    Look in the job classifieds in the newspaper or on Craigslist.   Those jobs with the most ads show what businesses need money.  If you can offer that same function as a freelancer, you will be in demand. As a freelancer, the payer does not need to commit to a full-time salary or benefits and thus is more willing to pay for service performed or value delivered.

3.    Interview consumers.  Ask them about frustrations in their life. Mothers may tell you about unreliable day care or how little time they have.  One enterprising worker I know comes to the office building where I work and washed cars for people who just don’t have time to get to the car wash. Some people may tell you they don’t eat well.  An entrepreneur developed a fruit delivery service to office workers to replace their daily doughnut with fruit.

Consumers and businesses owners have needs and desires that have not been filled.  They are happy to pay to satisfy those needs. 

Business owners and consumers have unlimited unfilled desires which they will pay to have filled.  The way to earn a living is to answers the question, "what can I create that other people desire and will pay for?”  What experience, skills or talents do you have (or can obtain) that will best satisfy those desires.  Then use your new found language skills to communicate what you offer in a compelling fashion.

Bob Richards is publisher of the Retirement Blog, author, speaker and serial entrepreneur

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