Fund A Home Business Start Up Loan

When you start up a home based business the first thing on your mind, almost always, is how do you get a small business loan.

There are plenty things to be juggling: staffing, freelancing resources, marketing budgets, travelling expenses, advertising campaigns, PR people ... the list goes on and on. So what does one do about getting a start-up loan for funding their new business?

There are stacks of companies out there who are responsible for spreading many millions of green-backs of private investment and Government money to start up business entrepreneurs. Many, many, many of them are layed into on a regular basis because of the strict rules and multi-layers of red tape.
how to find start up loans for your small home based business
Many more of them offer low cost unsecured loans and rip off unsuspecting entrepreneurs with all sorts of security criteria.

Could you start your own business without a loan or some kind of funding? Hopefully you have a rich auntie who loves you mighty much.

If not you'll be visiting aunty loan shark ...

So what about younger business entrepreneurs? They have it worse ... surely. 

A Government loans scheme to help these young entrepreneurs (who have some great venture ideas or need to start up a home based business from home to keep down their overheads) is now going to be extended to the over-30s.

Wish I was still 30!!

The Government's Enterprise Adviser, Lord Younger, has called for the age limit on start-up loans to be removed. Currently, entrepreneurs over the age limit of 30 cannot access the taxpayer funded loans in order to start up a business.

The 'Dragon's Den' style loans of up to £2,500 are available in England to entrepreneurs with robust small business ventures, but only up to the age limit of 30.  Principal policy adviser to the CBI, Hayley Conboy, has said:

Supporting today's smaller firms to grow and create jobs will make them the medium-sized businesses of tomorrow.

Lord Young's 'Growing Your Business' report called for action to make it easier for small businesses to grow, calling them "the vital 95%". 

In his forward, Lord Young comments that if Britain was as entrepreneurial as the United States, we'd have a million more businesses, and if micro businesses each employed just one more employee, the economy would be transformed.

The Office for National Statistics estimates that large corporations are sitting on £720 billion due to lack of confidence in the economy. Getting this distributed by encouraging investment in innovative micro-businesses could make all the difference.

Lord Young's report also recommended simplifying the bidding process for public sector contracts worth under £200,000 to increase access by smaller enterprises.

What do you think?

Would making government loans available to older entrepreneurs make things easier for you? Do you think it's right that support is prioritised towards the younger entrepreneur? We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Lord Young - can you do anything for 50 year old entrepreneurs too? Please!!

What's your funding a small start up business story? Young or old, do tell us so we can spread the word about the best ways to fund a Home Business with a Start Up Loan.