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Embedded analytics is an opportunity for conducting business analytics (BI) managing relationships with the customer base, planning all the resources of the organization, automating the financial system and conducting marketing. Thanks to embedded bi it is possible to implement the daily tasks of the company. Working in real time makes it possible to make effective decisions. The operational analytics program has the functionality of Google Analytics. The application has an enterprise dashboard that displays data and analysis of current workflows, as well as interactive and statistical information and mobile data.

The main function of operational analytics is that the program contributes to the more rational operation of users by combining...


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Functionality of operational analytics The general features of embedded analytics are: • Enterprise dashboard and display information through diagrams or graphs with productivity parameters; • statistical data and interactive reports in tables or without them including the possibility of planning work; • Benchmarking or more precisely comparing productivity statistics with advanced methods obtained from external data; • operational analytics and special requests which allow you to set specific demands about metrics examine the information received and create your own reports and dashboards;


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