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H&A Staten Island Plumbing have been giving plumbing services to individuals like you for a considerable length of time, and we realize that each activity we do is high quality. To give you peace of brain and to stand behind our workmanship we offer a 100% unconditional promise. In the event that any time within the 90 days post our work with you something breaks or faults we'll discount you 100% of what you paid us. Clearly we confidently offer this Guarantee as in the last 10 years we've not gotten any discount demands. We convey quality services at reasonable costs you can be assured of that!

Gas leaks in commercial, industrial, and residential posture dangerous to humans and animals. This is especially valid for smokers. When you live in a home with a natural gas leak, it can present dangerous for each individual from the household. The primary indication of a natural gas leak is a spoiled egg smell.

We are an individual from the authorized heating corp, which grants us to repair radiant heating gas leaks. Our authorized handyman team does kettle repair, water heater installation, plumbing installation, bathroom redesigning, repair broken funnel in basements and crawlspaces, and replace malfunctioning hot water heaters.

We practice social distancing practices to ensure our clients and their families. Our goal is to offer zero contact during water heater and plumbing installations. We use the best possible coronavirus avoidance methods when working in our clients' homes and organizations.

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H&A Staten Island Plumbing
Address:226 Colony Ave, Staten Island , NY 10306
Phone:(646) 904-4087


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