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Job Posting Guidelines

1. Remember, all you are trying to do is to get as many qualified candidates to get in touch with you as quickly as possible.

2. Common mistakes: You tell them too much, more than they need in order to make them curious enough to go to the next stage

3. You don’t tell them enough. You want suitable candidates. So what makes a candidate suitable? Specify this information clearly and simply.

4. You don’t outline the nature of the job clearly enough – what they are going to be doing in an interesting one line summary.

5. You don’t summarise the organisation behind the job enthusiastically enough.

6. State all the key parameters – experience, any costs, how money is earned. Don’t mislead in any shape or form.

Featured Jobs

When posting a job you have a number of options, including the ability to raise the profile of your job by making it a "featured position", giving it extra prominence in search results.  You can also opt, for a modest extra charge, to have your job displayed on the relevant sector home page, or on the main home page.

All applications are sent directly to your in-box, as it being possible to track applications through the website itself.  You can monitor the performance of your adverts at any time through your Recruiter Dashboard.

Remote Employment covers all sectors and job areas, with additional dedicated focus placed on the following disciplines and locations:

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