Why did you do it?

How did you get started? Tell us how you came to be working from home.


Why I Work From Home

I started my home business when I was on maternity leave with my second child. I realised that there was little point going back to work full time as the child care costs would have wiped out most of my salary.

So I started loking forsomething that I could do that would fit in with the children. My background is Event Management so I planned and ran a Parent and Child Expo in my home town. It was a success but it didn't really fit in with the children as I was running around the house trying to find a quiet place to answer the phone!

After that experience I decided that my business would be online and then I could work in the evenings when the children were in bed. However I knew nothing about creating websites! So I decided to teach myself.

7 years later and I now have my own successful websites that have helped me be the work at home mum I wanted to be.