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About Flagler Personal

Flagler Personal Injury Group is a striking and respected personal injury law office based only on addressing losses of mishaps and wounds. We address clients in a wide scope of personal injury claims including vehicle and cruiser mishaps, veritable and calamitous wounds, illegitimate demise, development mishaps, voyage line wounds, slip and fall mishaps, damaged items, clinical misbehavior wounds, and some more.

As a result of our size, knowledge, and money related resources, we have an incredible history of wins against associations, protection associations, and individual defendants.

We immovably center around you and your case for hurts, taking every principal action to ensure about the compensation you merit. We limit the amount of cases we recognize, ensuring our legal advisors and staff have the chance and ability to focus their undertakings and firm resources on your case. We have expansive experience overseeing extraordinary wounds of loved ones and family members. Your case will get empathy, thought, and support merits.

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Flagler Personal Injury Group
Address: 1 NE 2nd Ave #200, Miami, FL 33132, US
Phone: 305-424-8445
Email: contact@personal-injury-miami.com