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About Coastline Behavioral

Coastline Behavioral Health is a Drug Rehab Center in Huntington Beach serving the whole zones of Orange County, San Diego and Los Angeles district also every state outside California. Coastline Behavioral Health give drug rehab center and far reaching care intended to address enthusiastic and behavioral issues, for example, gloom, injury and misuse, co-occurring disarranges, codependency and Substance Abuse.

At Coastline Behavioral Health, we have encountered the tragedy and horror going with addiction either in our own lives or have seen a friend or family member endure. There is expectation and we are here to help. We guarantee all customers get the helpful apparatuses to build a strong establishment that will establish the pace for a satisfied existence with long haul sobriety. Regardless of whether you are searching for treatment for yourself, a friend or family member, patient or worker, we are here for you consistently.

Coastline Behavioral Health likewise treat liquor compulsion and co-occurring scatters focusing on lasting recuperation. Coastline Behavioral Health gives far reaching care intended to address passionate and behavioral issues, for example, discouragement, injury and misuse, co-occurring clutters, codependency, and substance use and misuse issue.

Situated in Huntington Beach, California, Coastline Behavioral Health offers all degrees of consideration (incomplete hospitalization, intensive outpatient, outpatient and transitional living) in our people's liquor and drug treatment programs, including treatment for behavioral health issues, for example, PTSD, OCD, sadness, outrage the board and injury.

With Joint Commission Accreditation, Coastline Behavioral Health maintain sound business rehearses, ASAM conventions and morals in our clinical effort. We open our ways to individuals and families looking for expectation and another lifestyle. Our remarkable staff has more than 100 years of combined habit treatment experience including expert's level qualifications and individual examples of overcoming adversity.

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Coastline Behavioral Health
Address: 18377 Beach Blvd #210, Huntington Beach, CA 92648
Phone: 714-841-2260