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About Cindy

I live in the California among the Redwood trees in the Santa Cruz Mountains. I have a wonderful home office cabin that my husband built for me using trees from our property.

I work full-time as a social media marketer which allows me to network with bloggers all day long. The blogs I focus on are related to fitness, food, wine, and beer.

I am also a promoter of the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge program by ViSalus, which is the #1 weight loss program in the US currently.

That means I have 2 jobs so striving for a balanced life is my main objective. I started a blog about balance, which will be focused on the work-at-home environment:

I would love to connect with other home based business professionals - learn the various businesses people are doing, and hear other people's stories.

I am very interested in networking with folks in the UK and other parts of Europe who may be interested in ViSalus and the 90 Day Challenge. The program will be launching there later this spring, so I would love to get a head start with folks who may want to join the program there and be on the ground floor of this amazing opportunity.


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