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About Marie

Welcome to bymarie!

I'm a freelance surface designer with a BA (hons) in surface pattern design. Originally from Yorkshire, I have now been living in London for three amazing years.

I studied at Leeds art college experimenting and creating a wide range of art; fashion, photography, ceramics, fine art and even jewellery. The one area I loved the most however was textiles and I went on to study this at university. Ever since leaving school my ambition was to set up my own business, providing unique, quality, handmade products to those who want something a little bit more unique and individual and well, here it is; bymarie

Each piece is inspired by my own personal experiences, particularly travel. It could be something I see whilst wandering around London, Yorkshire or, as in the case of my latest collection, soaking up inspiration from a far flung region of south east Asia.

I love going to the print studio, producing lots of prints and coming home and sewing noisily away in my studio!

I have loved every minute I have spent putting this collection together and I hope you enjoy it too!

Marie x


  • Wedding design
  • Bike lampshades
  • Bike Mustard and black lampshade 30cm wide






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