Brian Cha

Business Services, China.

About Brian

Brian Cha is a Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Author and Multi World Records Holder. Brian endured serious injuries, blood & tears, and thousands of hours of trainings to conquer the fates. Since his first World Record, he has travelled around the region to teach tens of thousands of people how to achieve dreams through self-belief, determinations perseverance, tireless work ethnics and teamwork.

Brian Cha is now extending his reaching in the global scale and he has students in over ten countries. He empowers people to believe there are no limitations in life and how to turn setbacks and negativities into motivation and eventually be a winner in life. Apart from his career achievement, Brian is now a mentor for over 300 people in Hong Kong and an Ambassador for many charitable events and organizations such as JCI, Rotary Club, Lions Clubs etc. and all his World Record Events were held to raise resources for charitable causes. He is the CEO of his company Brian Cha Motivation and his vision is to inspire people on all walks of life to live a meaningful and fulfilled life.